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Experimental Facilities

The present MRSEC Shared Experimental Facilities were developed over a number of years to meet three broad objectives : I. To provide the sophisticated instrumentation for materials preparation and characterization required by the research activities within the MRSEC. II. To provide the necessary intellectual leadership, professional guidance and technical support to operate these instruments and to provide instruction for students and researchers in their operation. III. To insure that these facilities reach beyond the user base within our MRSEC to other university projects and outside users from academic and industrial sources.
Housed mainly within the Gordon McKay Laboratory, the Facilities are overseen by Weitz, Director, and Graham, Assistant Director, who work with the Executive Committee, the laboratory specialists, and the faculty to direct and develop the facilities. They are responsible for providing scientific leadership in designing new MRSEC Central Facilities and serve as a resource for researchers throughout the Center.

Management of the facilities has been integrated with the Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS). More information may be found at the CNS website.


Last Modified April 12, 2006.