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Industrial Outreach at the Harvard MRSEC

Collaborations in the MRSEC with industry, national laboratories and other institutions have several forms:
(1) direct collaboration on MRSEC-related research;
(2) support of visiting scientists working on MRSEC research at our Center;
(3) support for students and postdoctoral fellows by industry doing MRSEC research;
(4) the use of faculty expertise and shared experimental facilities in partnership with industry; and
(5) use by MRSEC researchers of external facilities.
Examples of collaborative efforts on MRSEC research with scientists from industry, national laboratories and other universities are described in the Interdisciplinary Research Group and Seed Project Sections.
Industrial Career Development
One of the most useful products of universities for industry is well-trained students. Finding ways for our undergraduate and graduate students to learn necessary skills of business while engaged in learning their scientific disciplines is an important concern. Members of our Industrial Advisory Committee (see Section 8) provide guidance on the effectiveness of our educational programs for industry. One new member, Professor Iansiti of Harvard Business School, is uniquely positioned to help build bridges for students between the Center's academic departments and industry. Professor Iansiti received his Ph.D. in physics with Tinkham before moving to the Business School to study industrial research. He participated in the Forum for Creating Careers in Physics, and has agreed to help MRSEC students access activities at the Business School ranging from workshops, to courses, to field study programs on the entrepreneurial development of new technologies where MRSEC and MBA students work together. With Iansiti as a facilitator, the cultural barrier between academic and industrial careers can be greatly reduced.
Special Collaborations
The MRSEC has close links with the Rowland Institute of Science in Cambridge, primarily through Golovchenko's research at both institutions. The resources and expertise at this privately endowed institution are in many ways complementary to those of the MRSEC, which has benefited from them particularly in the area of surface characterization, optical manipulation, and through support of student outreach activities such as the Freshman Seminar which immerses small teams of students into the world of scientific discovery.
The Harvard MRSEC maintains its traditionally strong ties with the Center at MIT, in particular on the development and use of Shared Facilities. The joint Cambridge Surface Facility is a continuing demonstration of the success of this venture. Both institutions routinely consult on equipment acquisition and the preparation of proposals closely tie to MRSEC programs. The two Centers enjoy equal privileges in the use of each other's experimental facilities.
Workshop on Complex Fluids
In December, the Center hosted a workshop on Complex Fluids attended by over 60 researchers from universities and industry. The workshop, organized by Weitz and Fraden (Brandeis), was designed to bring those with an interest in soft condensed matter together to present their work, stimulate discussion, and explore collaboration. The aim is to have quarterly meetings of this group to develop these collaborations further with the next meeting planned for March to be held at Brandeis University.
Recent Users of Shared Experimental Facilities :
C. Amato-Wierda, Univ. of New Hampshire
P. Berman, Mechanical Resources
M. Drory, Micro Precision Bearings
J. Hu, Applied Materials
L. Lavallee, Genzyme
B. Livingston, Brigham and Women's Hospital
I. Loh, Advanced Surface Technology
S.R. Manalis, MIT
A. Marques, Draper Laboratory
B. Masi, Delta F. Corp.
J. Moodera, MIT
D. Moy, Hyperion
P. Nagarkar, Polaroid
R. Parent, Gillette
G. Pins, Molecular Geodesics
A. Pucino, Northrop
S. Ruiz, Bayer
M. Spector, Brigham and Women's Hospital
T. Stone, Millipore
V. Talland, Gardner Museum
M. Teplitsky, American Superconductors
J. Thornton, Implant Sciences
E. Tsiang, Smithsonian Observatory
J. Wilbur, IGEN
A. Zhuk, Gillette

Last Modified February 5, 2001