Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Graduate Student

Divya Bahadur
Florida State University

Divya Bahadur is a Ph.D. student at Florida State University in the Department of Chemical Engineering with a focus on Material Science. As an undergraduate student at the Vellore Institute of Technology in India she was exposed to a variety of research projects in fluid dynamics, chemical waste recycling, reactor and plant design, wind resource assessment and environmental impact studies. Her undergraduate senior thesis project studied cost effective way to synthesize and rheologically characterize ferrofluids. Divya’s fascination with these materials led her to design interactive art displays. At FSU, she works with Subramanian Ramakrishnan on understanding the structure and dynamics of binary nano-colloidal gels by probing the gelation transition using rheological and X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy techniques. Divya is spending the spring semester learning to use droplet microfluidics to co-culturing different cells types in hydrogel capsules to study their interaction pathways in a collaborative project with David Weitz and David Mooney at the Harvard MRSEC.