• REU students
    Research Experience for Undergraduates image of 13 students
    2022 Research Experience for Undergraduates
    June 6 – August 12, 2022 | REU program
    Hosted by Harvard MRSEC | Research Experience for Undergraduates, a coordinated, educational, and dynamic research community to inspire and encourage young scientists to continue on to graduate school.
  • Upcoming Seminars and Workshops

  • Squishy Talk session with Benny Davidovitch
    Squishy Talk session with Benny Davidovitch
    Squishy Science Seminars Wed. evenings beginning 5:55 p.m.
    September 14 | Fiorenzo Omenetto, Tufts University Medical School
    Hosted by Harvard MRSEC | Informal talks with emphasis on new results and ideas, rather than polished presentations.
  • Science and Cooking Lecture Series 2022 September 12  |  Science Center Hall C and Instagram
    "The Science of Sugar" presented by Joanne Chang
  • New England Complex Fluids workshop event
    New England Complex Fluids workshop event
    New England Complex Fluids September 23  |  92nd NECF @ Brandeis University,
    Research talks with emphasis on collaboration among researchers. Registration is free but you must join the mailing list to register.
  • Other Conferences/Workshops of Interest

  • 2nd Fluids & Health Conference now in the form of the 2022 Fluids in Disease Transmission and Contamination Gordon Research Conference (GRC)
    Gordon Research Conference
    Contamination and Infectious Disease Transmission From the Lens of Fluid Physics and Across Scales
    2nd Fluids & Health Conference  |  Mt. Holyoke College, August 14-19
    This 2022 GRC brings together experts from a range of synergistic and complementary disciplines (mathematics/physics, engineering, microbiology/virology, epidemiology) to exchange on frontier research in health, including respiratory/nosocomial infectious diseases transmission and public health, where bio- and fluid physics are at the core.