Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Harvard MRSEC Publications, 2015 (DMR-1420570)

IRG 1: Mechanics of Soft Materials under Large Deformation

  1. Primary MRSEC support (IRG1)
    1. Kaplan, C.N., N. Wu, S. Mandre, J. Aizenberg, and L. Mahadevan, "Dynamics of evaporative colloidal patterning," Physics of Fluids 27 (9), 092105 (2015).
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  2. Partial MRSEC support (IRG1)
    1. Chaudhuri, O., L. Gu, D. Klumpers, M. Darnell, S.A. Bencherif, J.C. Weaver, N. Huebsch, H.-P. Lee, E. Lippens, G.N. Duda, and D.J. Mooney, "Hydrogels with tunable stress relaxation regulate stem cell fate and activity," Nature Materials 15, 326-334 (2015).
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IRG 2: Digital Assembly of Soft Materials

  1. Primary MRSEC support (IRG2)
    1. Amstad, E., M. Gopinadhan, C. Holtze, C.O. Osuji, M.P. Brenner, F. Spaepen, and D.A. Weitz, "Production of amorphous nanoparticles by supersonic spray-drying with a microfluidic nebulator," Science 349 (6251), 956-960 (2015).
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    4. Duncanson, W.J., T.E. Kodger, S. Babaee, G. Gonzalez, D.A. Weitz, and K. Bertoldi, "Microfluidic fabrication and micromechanics of permeable and impermeable elastomeric microbubbles," Langmuir 31 (11), 3489-3493 (2015).
    5. Vogel, N., S. Utech, G.T. England, T. Shirman, K.R. Phillips, N. Koay, I.B. Burgess, M. Kolle, D.A. Weitz, and J. Aizenberg, "Color from hierarchy: Diverse optical properties of micron-sized spherical colloidal assemblies," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (35), 10845-10850 (2015).
  2. Partial MRSEC support (IRG2)
    1. Schaffner, M., G. England, M. Kolle, J. Aizenberg, and N. Vogel, "Combining bottom-up self-assembly with top-down microfabrication to create hierarchical inverse opals with high structural order," Small 11 (34), 4334-4340 (2015).
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IRG 3: Controlling and Using Instabilities in Soft, Elastic Materials: Melded-Function, Non-Linear, Devices

  1. Primary MRSEC support (IRG3)
    1. Bartlett, N.W., M.T. Tolley, J.T.B. Overvelde, J.C. Weaver, B. Mosadegh, K. Bertoldi, G.M. Whitesides, and R.J. Wood, "A 3D-printed, functionally graded soft robot powered by combustion," Science 349 (6244), 161-165 (2015).
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    6. Connolly, F., P. Polygerinos, C.J. Walsh, and K. Bertoldi, "Mechanical programming of soft actuators by varying fiber angle," Soft Robotics 2 (1), 26-32 (2015).
  2. Partial MRSEC support (IRG3)
    1. Monn, M.A., J.C. Weaver, T. Zhang, J. Aizenberg, and H. Kesari, "New functional insights into the internal architecture of the laminated anchor spicules of Euplectella aspergillum," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (16), 4976-4981 (2015).
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  1. Primary MRSEC support (Seed)

    There were no primary supported Seed publications citing the Harvard MRSEC (DMR-1420570) during 2015.

  2. Partial MRSEC support (Seed)
    1. Lee, D., J.J. Vlassak, and K. Zhao, "First-principles theoretical studies and nano-calorimetry experiments on solid-state alloying of Zr-B," Nano Letters 15 (10), 6553-6558 (2015).
    2. Lee, D., G.-d. Sim, K. Zhao, and J.J. Vlassak, "Kinetic role of carbon in solid-state synthesis of zirconium diboride using nanolaminates: Nanocalorimetry experiments and first-principles calculations," Nano Letters 15 (12), 8266-8270 (2015).

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