Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Harvard MRSEC Publications, 2016 (DMR-1420570)

IRG 1: Mechanics of Soft Materials under Large Deformation

  1. Primary MRSEC support (IRG1)
    1. Wang, X., S.A. Koehler, J.N. Wilking, N.N. Sinha, M.T. Cabeen, S. Srinivasan, A. Seminara, S. Rubinstein, Q. Sun, M.P. Brenner, and D.A. Weitz, "Probing phenotypic growth in expanding Bacillus subtilis biofilms," Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 100 (10), 4607-4615 (2016).
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  2. Partial MRSEC support (IRG1)
    1. Jeon, I., J. Cui, W.R.K. Illeperuma, J. Aizenberg, and J.J. Vlassak, "Extremely stretchable and fast self-healing hydrogels," Advanced Materials 28 (23), 4678-4683 (2016).
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IRG 2: Digital Assembly of Soft Materials

  1. Primary MRSEC support (IRG2)
    1. Hu, Y., You, J.-O., and J. Aizenberg, "Micropatterned hydrogel surface with high-aspect-ratio features for cell guidance and tissue growth," ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (34), 21939-21945 (2016).
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  2. Partial MRSEC support (IRG2)
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IRG 3: Controlling and Using Instabilities in Soft, Elastic Materials: Melded-Function, Non-Linear, Devices

  1. Primary MRSEC support (IRG3)
    1. Yang, D., L. Jin, R.V. Martinez, K. Bertoldi, G.M. Whitesides, and Z. Suo, "Phase-transforming and switchable metamaterials," Extreme Mechanics Letters 6, 1-9 (2016).
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    6. Duduta, M., R.J. Wood, and D.R. Clarke, "Multilayer dielectric elastomers for fast, programmable actuation without prestretch," Advanced Materials 28 (36), 8058-8063 (2016).
  2. Partial MRSEC support (IRG3)
    1. Babaee, S., J.T.B. Overvelde, E.R. Chen, V. Tournat, and K. Bertoldi, "Reconfigurable origami-inspired acoustic waveguides," Science Advances 2 (11), e1601019 (2016).
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  1. Primary MRSEC support (Seed)

    There were no primary supported Seed publications citing the Harvard MRSEC (DMR-1420570) during 2016.

  2. Partial MRSEC support (Seed)
    1. Lee, D., B. Zhao, E. Perim, H. Zhang, P. Gong, Y. Gao, Y. Liu, C. Toher, S. Curtarolo, J. Schroers, and J.J. Vlassak, "Crystallization behavior upon heating and cooling in Cu50Zr50 metallic glass thin films," Acta Materialia 121, 68-77 (2016).
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