Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
IRG I: Mechanics of Soft Materials under Large Deformation
Frans Spaepen (SEAS) (Lead)
Zhigang Suo (SEAS) (Co-Lead)
N. Michele Holbrook (OEB)
Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan (SEAS, OEB, Physics)
David J. Mooney (DDB)
David R. Nelson (Physics, SEAS, MCB)
James R. Rice (SEAS, EPS)
Shmuel M. Rubinstein (SEAS)
Joost J. Vlassak (SEAS)
David A. Weitz (SEAS, Physics)

IRG II: Digital Assembly of Soft Materials
Jennifer A. Lewis (SEAS) (Lead)
Michael P. Brenner (SEAS) (Co-Lead)
Joanna Aizenberg (SEAS, CCB)
Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan (SEAS, OEB, Physics)
Vinothan N. Manoharan (SEAS, Physics)
David R. Nelson (SEAS, Physics)
Frans Spaepen (SEAS)
David A. Weitz (SEAS, Physics)

IRG III: Controlling and Using Instabilities in Soft, Elastic Materials: Molded-Function, Non-Linear, Devices
George M. Whitesides (CCB) (Lead)
Joanna Aizenberg (SEAS) (Co-Lead)
Katia Bertoldi (SEAS)
David R. Clarke (SEAS)
Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan (SEAS)
Kevin (Kit) Parker (SEAS)
Zhigang Suo (SEAS)
Conor J. Walsh (SEAS)
Robert J. Wood (SEAS)

Seed Projects
Michael P. Brenner (SEAS)
Daniel J. Needleman (SEAS)
Kevin (Kit) Parker (SEAS)
Christopher Rycroft (SEAS)
Joost J. Vlassak (SEAS)

Key: Departments and Schools of Harvard University
CCB: Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
EPS: Department of Earth and Planetary Science
MCB: Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
OEB: Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Physics: Department of Physics
SEAS: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences