Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Harvard MRSEC Publications, 2017 (DMR-1420570)

IRG 1: Mechanics of Soft Materials under Large Deformation

  1. Primary MRSEC support (IRG1)
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  2. Partial MRSEC support (IRG1)
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IRG 2: Digital Assembly of Soft Materials

  1. Primary MRSEC support (IRG2)
    1. Meng, G., V.N. Manoharan, and A. Perro, "Core-shell colloidal particles with dynamically tunable scattering properties," Soft Matter 13 (37), 6293-6296 (2017).
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  2. Partial MRSEC support (IRG2)
    1. Daniel, D., J. VI Timonen, R. Li, S.J. Velling, and J. Aizenberg, "Oleoplaning droplets on lubricated surfaces," Nature Physics 13, 1020-1025 (2017), doi: 10.1038/NPHYS4177.
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IRG 3: Controlling and Using Instabilities in Soft, Elastic Materials: Melded-Function, Non-Linear, Devices

  1. Primary MRSEC support (IRG3)
    1. Kumar, K., J. Liu, C. Christianson, M. Ali, M.T. Tolley, J. Aizenberg, D.E. Ingber, J.C. Weaver, and K. Bertoldi, "A biologically inspired, functionally graded end effector for soft robotics applications," Soft Robotics 4 (4), 317-323 (2017).
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    6. Connolly, F., C.J. Walsh, and K. Bertoldi, "Automatic design of fiber-reinforced soft actuators for trajectory matching," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (1), 51-56 (2017).
  2. Partial MRSEC support (IRG3)
    1. Boatti, E., N. Vasios, and K. Bertoldi, "Origami metamaterials for tunable thermal expansion," Advanced Materials 29 (26), 1700360 (2017).
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  1. Primary MRSEC support (Seed)

    There were no primary supported Seed publications citing the Harvard MRSEC (DMR-1420570) during 2017.

  2. Partial MRSEC support (Seed)
    1. Deravi, L.F., N.R. Sinatra, C.O. Chantre, A.P. Nesmith, H. Yuan, S.K. Deravi, J.A. Goss, L.A. MacQueen, M.R. Badrossamy, G.M. Gonzalez, M.D. Phillips, and K.K. Parker, "Design and fabrication of fibrous nanomaterials using pull spinning," Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 302 (3), (2017).
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