Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Undergraduate Students
2017 – 2018
Project Title/
Professor & Mentor(s)

Alberta Boafo-Arko
University of Maryland - Baltimore County
Low-cost Agricultural Diagnostics
Christoffer Abrahamsson
Brad Eisenschenk
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Machine Learning with soft robotic actuators
Nick Vasios
Michael Ferris
Northern Virginia Community College
Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Testing of Jet Valves
Francesco Pasqualini
Luca Cera
Jordan Howard-Jennings
Harvey Mudd College
On Prototyping a Soft Organic LCD
Shuang Zhou
Hubert Lecocque
Kayla Keepseagle
Montana State University - Bozeman
Flow of Large Deformable Vesicles Through Porous Media
Shima Parsa Moghaddam
Tina Huang
Elise Rizzi
Western Connecticut University
Decoding the Microbiome
Benjamin Davies