Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Postdoctoral Fellow

Roger Diebold
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Roger Diebold is a post-doctoral fellow in David Clarke’s group at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He earned a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science with Departmental Distinction from Duke University, and a doctoral degree in Materials from the University of California at Santa Barbara. At UC Santa Barbara, and concurrently as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard, Roger focused on fundamental explorations to understand the effect of chemical functionality on dielectric breakdown in elastomer composites, as related to dielectric elastomers. His postdoctoral research moved towards applications of dielectric elastomers, leading to the formation of Solchroma Technologies, Inc., a SBIR/NSF-funded startup that is developing a full-color passive display based on the technology that he co-invented with Samuel Shian and David Clarke. Roger has mentored several undergraduates in the REU program and has collaborated with Zhigang Suo and members of his group as part of the MRSEC IRG3.