Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Postdoctoral Fellow

Angelo Mao
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Angelo Mao is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, working in David Mooney's laboratory. He earned his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Harvard University, again in Professor Mooney's lab. His thesis work focused on the developed of a microfluidic single-cell encapsulation system into alginate hydrogels that enables non-Poisson distribution of cells-containing droplets, as well as robust viability and flexibility over hydrogel properties. This work was published in 2017 in Nature Materials. His current projects include recapitulating stem cell niche using assembled singly-encapsulated cells, and infusing encapsulated stem cells for cell therapy. He has mentored and co-mentored multiple undergraduate and masters students, including several who have submitted senior theses on their work. The projects involving single-cell encapsulation have been conducted in an MRSEC IRG2 collaboration with the laboratory of David Weitz.