Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Postdoctoral Fellow

Anna Shneidman
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Anna Shneidman is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Applied Physics at Harvard University, working in the lab of Joanna Aizenberg. She received her PhD in Chemical Physics at Harvard University in May 2016 for her thesis work in the laboratory of Professor Marko Lončar. At that time, she developed a high-throughput method for on-chip photonics using roll-to-roll processing of polymers. Anna is now working on self-assembled inverse opals for photonic and catalytic applications, including local photonic control of enzymatic activity in IRG 2. She has a long history with the Harvard MRSEC, starting with participation in the MRSEC REU program in the summer of 2008, during which time she employed colloids to study the glass transition in the laboratory of David Weitz. Since then, she has mentored and co-mentored 3 undergraduate students, 2 masters students, and 1 PhD student, and has organized and participated in numerous outreach events, including The Cambridge Science Festival and the Annual SEAS and MRSEC sponsored Holiday Lecture. Anna is especially grateful to the mentoring and collaborations she has been fortunate to experience while part of MRSEC.