Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Graduate Student

Ruobing Bai
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Ruobing Bai is a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences at Harvard University's John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Ruobing grew up in Xi´┐Żan, one of the oldest cities in China. After high school, he went to the College of Engineering at Peking University. As an undergraduate, his research focused on two projects: Topology optimization of composite materials and the multiphysics simulation of lithium ion batteries. After earning the Bachelor's degree in theoretical and applied mechanics, Ruobing came to Harvard to study with MRSEC faculty member, Zhigang Suo. His current research is concerned with the mechanics of soft materials in the MRSEC IRG 1. He is particularly interested in how these soft materials behave under electrostatic, optical, and acoustic stimulation. Ruobing has enjoyed professional development from a rich teaching experience of undergraduate engineering students and is enthusiatic to share his knowledge with others.