Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Postdoctoral Fellow

Stephanie Oyola-Reynoso
Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Stephanie Oyola-Reynoso is a postdoctoral fellow in George Whitesides's group in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University. During 2013 Stephanie earned her B.S. in Industrial Chemistry from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. During this period, she researched in the field of Analytical Chemistry, designing cleaning validations protocols for pharmaceutical instruments. Few years later, Stephanie earned her doctorate degree in engineering from the department of Materials Science and Engineering at Iowa State University. During 2014-2017, Stephanie was a Ph.D. student under the tutelage of Prof. Martin M. Thuo, who was previously a Harvard MRSEC postdoctoral fellow, working on the design of biomimetic coatings on porous surfaces, that led to her thesis entitled "Engineering tunable bio-inspired polymeric coatings for amphiphobic fibrous materials." Early this 2018 year, she began her research in the MRSEC IRG 3 focusing on the design and manufacturing of pneumatic actuators for soft robots.