Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Postdoctoral Fellow

Yaniv Edery
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Yaniv Edery is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Applied Physics at Harvard University. He received his B.Sc. in Physics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and his PhD from the Weizmann institute of Science, where he studied the dynamics flow and reaction in porous media. He developed new experimental and theoretical frameworks to fully investigate reactants disperse and react during flow in porous media. At the Harvard MRSEC, Yaniv studies the dynamics of two phase flow in porous media with application in enhanced oil recovery. He has developed experimental procedure to measure the phases interactions on a micron scale using confocal microscopy. During his research in IRG 1, he showed that in a porous medium with mixed wettability, oil films are left as residue during the oil recovery, a process that was hypothesized but had never been shown experimentally. Moreover, he showed that these films contribute to oil recovery on time scales of hours. Yaniv has presented his work at numerous MRSEC IRG meetings and given soundbites at many of the New England Complex Fluids workshops. In addition, Yaniv has mentored several REU students — most recently Kane Two Feathers from Bunker Hill Community College (Above: Yaniv Edery (left) and Jules Thiery (center) with Kane Two Feathers (right) during his 2017 summer REU project.)