Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Graduate Student

Kevin Tian
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Kevin Tian is a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Physics at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Although born in Boston, he has lived in California, Hong Kong, and Beijing. His British schooling has armed him with a fondness for healthy debate, and acting in amateur theatre. Kevin earned his B.S. in Physics at Carnegie Mellon University and developed his interest in condensed-matter physics and science education, primarily expressed in his research on the characterization of prototype magnetic random access memory cells and regular teaching activities. At Harvard, Kevin eventually came to study under MRSEC faculty member Joost Vlassak, and collaborates regularly in MRSEC IRG3 with Zhigang Suo's group. He is currently involved in developing and characterizing the mechanical properties of 3D-printed soft materials and stretchable ionic circuits, particularly those pertaining to the adhesive behaviors of soft interfaces. Kevin has been actively involved in Science and Cooking and Center workshops for Native American high school students (Above: Kevin (left) with Native American high school students and teachers showcasing their dishes.