Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Applied Physics 298r
Interdisciplinary Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics

An interdisciplinary field of research combining Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics is described in a series of lectures on fundamental concepts with examples from current research. In Spring 2004, Materials Research Science and Engineering was presented using topics from Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs) on Mechanics of Films and Interfaces, Engineering Materials, and New Techniques for Biological Studies, and Interface-mediated Assembly of Soft Materials. Course requirements include a paper and oral presentation on one of the topics.

The class meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. in Pierce 209.

AP298r Schedule

Instructor Topic
IRG 1: Multiscale Mechanics of Films and Interfaces
Feb. 4
Frans Spaepen Introduction
Intrinsic stresses in thin films
Feb. 9
David A. Weitz/
John W. Hutchinson
Introduction to soft condensed matter and elasticity (pdf)
Feb. 11
Joost J. Vlassak Mechanical behavior of thin films and interfaces (pdf)
Feb. 16
No class President's Day Holiday
Feb. 18
Zhigong Suo Programmable assemby of molecules on a solid surface (pdf)
Feb. 23
David A. Weitz Colloids – structure and rheology (pdf)
Feb. 25
John W. Hutchinson Strength and fracture (pdf)
IRG 2: Engineering Materials and Techniques for Biological Studies at Cellular Scales
Mar. 1
Mara G. Prentiss Single molecule studies at constant force (pdf)
Mar. 3
Eric Mazur Femtosecond laser micromachining: A new tool for materials and life sciences (pdf)
Mar. 8
Donald E. Ingber Engineering materials and techniques for biological studies
Mar. 10
Aravi Samuels Biophysics and sensory perception (pdf)
Mar. 15
George M. Whitesides Materials science for the study of the cell
Mar. 17
Xiaowei Zhuang Visualizing cellular entry of single viruses (pdf)
Mar. 22
Kevin (Kit) Parker TBA
Mar. 24
X. Sunney Xie Imaging, spectroscopy and dynamics of single molecules in biological systems
IRG 3: Interface-Mediated Assembly of Soft Materials
Apr. 5
Howard A. Stone Fluid dynamics:physical ideas, the Navier-Stokes equations
and applications to lubrication flows and suspensions
Apr. 7
L. (Maha) Mahadavan Geometry and physics of wrinkling and crumpling: elasticity and hydrodynamics
Apr. 12
Erli Chen Fabrication techniques I: Lithography (pdf)
Fabrication techniques II: Deposition (pdf)
Fabrication Techniques III: Etching † (pdf)
Apr. 14
Warren MoberlyChan Transmission electron microscopy analysis (pdf)
Apr. 19
David R. Nelson Tetravalent colloids and photonic band gap materials (pdf)
Apr. 21
David R. Reichman Dynamics of supercooled liquids and glasses
Apr. 26
David Bell Scanning electron microscopy analysis (pdf)
Apr. 28
Michael P. Brenner Instabilities of colloidal aggregates from surface forces
Materials Fabrication and Analysis Techniques
May 3
David Lange Electron microprobe analysis
May 5
Richard Schalek Environmental scanning electron microscopy analysis
†Fabrication and analysis lectures, given earlier in the term

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