REU Program Research Area BRIDGE

Harvard University REU

The REU Biomaterials Research Initiative Dedicated to Gateway Experiences (BRIDGE) focuses on the interplay of materials science and bioengineering via three themes:

  1. Understanding and exploiting bio-inspired nano- and microscale structures
  2. Tunable materials and devices for diagnostics, tissue engineering and drug delivery
  3. Materials and strategies for soft and adaptive robotics

The research activities include studies that combine experiment with theory and/or simulation in the study and design of interfaces between cells and surfaces; tunable structures, gels and networks; drug delivery systems; tissue culture scaffolds; and multi-functional biomaterials such as photonic and electronic biomaterials. Importantly, the topics are chosen to appeal to a wide population of students who are at early stages of their academic development, and who have limited awareness of career paths. Research projects are also designed to be relevant and accessible for military veterans and students with disabilities.

Publications produced as a result of this research:

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