Harvard MRSEC Shared Experimental and Computational Facilities, 2020–2026 (DMR-2011754)

This is a publication list resulting from work that utilized the shared experimental or computational facilities at our MRSEC from November 2020 to May 2021.

Please contact the authors directly, or use the doi entries to obtain reprints of the publications.

  1. Park, J., L. Belding, L. Yuan, M.P.S. Mousavi, S.E. Root, H.J. Yoon, and G.M. Whitesides, "Rectification in molecular tunneling junctions based on alkanethiolates with bipyridine-metal complexes," Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (4), 2156-2163 (2021) open doi in new window
  2. Lin, J., and A. Amir, "Disentangling intrinsic and extrinsic gene expression noise in growing cells," Physical Review Letters 126 (7), 078101-6 (2021) open doi in new window
  3. Kim, C., K. Jung, J.W. Yu, S. Park, S.-H. Kim, W.B. Lee, H. Hwang, V.N. Manoharan, and J.H. Moon, "Controlled assembly of icosahedral colloidal clusters for structural coloration," Chemistry of Materials 32 (22), 9704-9712 (2020) open doi in new window
  4. Tanjeem, N., C. Chomette, N.B. Schade, S. Ravaine, E. Duguet, M. Tréguer-Delapierre, and V.N. Manoharan, "Polyhedral plasmonic nanoclusters through multi-step colloidal chemistry," Materials Horizons 8, 565-570 (2021) open doi in new window