Training the Next Generation of Leaders
in Science and Engineering

Microfluidics soft materials team: (top left and clockwise) Erick Ruiz, Kayla Keepseagle, Jean Carlos Serrano-Flores, and members with David Weitz.

One of the most important missions of the Harvard MRSEC is the training of the next generation of leaders in science and engineering. During the pandemic, research of two graduate students, Erick Ruiz (top left) and Kayla Keepseagle (top right) along with work of postdoctoral research, Jean Carlos Serrano-Flores (bottom right) was impacted. This Center team led by Weitz (bottom left) has demonstrated that asymmetric vesicle structures fabricated in a highly controlled, method can be extended using this droplet-base microfluidic leaflet engineering. The pandemic has greatly intensified efforts to find promising materials that can be used in drug delivery such as the mRNA vaccines. The team is working to develop a toolkit at even smaller length scales and increased functionality for new soft materials to be used as therapeutics.

David A. Weitz (Physics & Applied Physics)
2020-2021 Harvard MRSEC (DMR-1420570)