MRSEC Networking: Holiday Lecture (Harvard - Princeton), and New England Complex Fluids Workshop (Brandeis - Harvard)

(top left) Jennifer Lewis and Howard Stone engage children in a demonstration during the 2022 Holiday Lecture sponsored by the Harvard MRSEC.
(top right) Howard Stone and Dan Steinberg reprise the Holiday Lecture at the Princeton MRSEC.
(bottom left) Luncheon discussions at the 92nd NECF workshop held by the Brandeis MRSEC (led by Seth Fraden) in September 2022.
(bottom right) David Pine responds to a question from Frans Spaepen after his invited talk at the NECF Workshop hosted by the Harvard MRSEC (led by David Weitz) in December 2022.

The Harvard MRSEC partnered with the Princeton MRSEC to sponsor the annual Holiday Lecture Series on December 3-4, 2022, which was attended by over 400 families with 650 children. Two lectures on Engine Earth, were delivered by Howard Stone (Princeton MRSEC) to both the Harvard and Princeton communities. Jennifer Lewis (Harvard MRSEC) helped Stone lead activities with students from the audience (top left and right).

Dave Weitz (Harvard MRSEC) and Seth Fraden (Brandeis MRSEC) hosted the fall New England Complex Fluids (NECF) workshops (bottom left and right), which brought together 100-150 participants with 50-60 researcher soundbites highlighting recent advances in soft matter.

These impactful educational outreach and research networking events are made possible through valuable partnerships between multiple MRSECs.

Jennifer A. Lewis (Material Science & Bioengineering) and Howard A. Stone (Princeton MRSEC)
Seth Fraden (Brandeis MRSEC) and David A. Weitz (Physics & Applied Physics)
2022-2023 Harvard MRSEC (DMR-2011754)