Partnership in Research and Education in Materials with Navajo Tech:
Inspiring STEM Pathways from High School to Graduate Studies

(top left) NTU students and faculty demonstrate new laboratory facilities in materials science at NTU.
(top right) Dylan Barber, postdoc in the Lewis group, presents recent research at Harvard in 3D printing of electrodes with PREM students Justin Platero, Samantha Francis, and post-baccalaureate student Michael Nelwood.
(bottom left) Post-baccalaureate student Michael Nelwood with Jennifer Lewis and Dylan Barber at Harvard.
(bottom center) Layla James with mentors Jean Carlos Serrano Flores (HU) and Abraham Meles (NTU) at SACNAS.
(bottom right) Justin Platero and Jonathan Chinana won 3 awards for their posters at SACNAS in fall 2022.

The Partnership for Research and Education in Materials between Navajo Technical University and the MRSEC based at Harvard focuses on developing culturally-informed, sustainable pathways into materials science-related careers and advanced studies for Navajo students. The partnership includes reciprocal visits, including a visit to Navajo Tech in fall 2022 by MRSEC director Jennifer Lewis, education director Kathryn Hollar, and postdoctoral fellow Dylan Barber. They met with faculty, undergraduates, and high school students to further develop research collaborations and encourage students to pursue STEM careers.

The partnership also supports intensive research experiences at Harvard, including summer internships and a new post-baccalaureate program at Harvard. Throughout the academic year, MRSEC-led professional development in scientific communication has greatly increased the number of students presenting and winning awards at national conferences.

Jennifer A. Lewis (Material Science & Bioengineering), Thiagarajan Soundappan (NTU - Chemistry, School of Science), and Kathryn A. Hollar (Engineering & Applied Sciences)
2022-2023 Harvard MRSEC (DMR-2011754)