Shared Experimental Facilities

The Center supports the operation of essential shared facilities at several levels. Specialized instrumentation such as the Leica confocal microscopes (top left) our integral to MRSEC work. Other equipment like a suite of TA thermal analysis instruments (top right) was acquired through the auspices of industrial partners. The MRSEC spearheaded the construction of a new clean room facility by the University specifically for soft lithography (bottom right). Major instrumentation such as the new Thermo Scientific XPS (bottom left) and Zeiss aberration corrected electron microscopes are operated by the University through the Center of Nanoscale Systems (CNS). All of the instrumentation is open and available to MRSEC researchers and worldwide users through facilities networked web-based query.

David A. Weitz (Physics & Applied Physics)
Harvard MRSEC (DMR-1420570)