Shared Experimental Facilities
EnvisonTec Aureus 3-D printer

The Center recently installed an EnvisonTec Aureus stereolithography 3-D printer. The printer uses projected light to solidify photocurable resins, generating parts with exceptional precision and resolution down to 25 µm. With this system, researchers have already printed high-resolution components for next-generation 3-D prototypes, microfluidic devices, robotic assemblies, and biocompatible materials, all part of MRSEC projects. Over two-dozen scientists have now been trained for use on the instrument, and it is now being booked every day. The printer has been featured in 3-D printing outreach activities, as shown during this summer's middle-school girls camp with detailed replicas of the John Harvard statue. The system will soon be upgraded to use UV light projection to enable printing of transparent materials, further broadening its applications throughout the community.

David A. Weitz (Physics and Applied Physics)
Harvard MRSEC (DMR-1420570)