Research Nuggets
2001 — 2018


An Integrated Design and Fabrication Strategy for Entirely Soft, Autonomous Robots
Crystallization of Undercooled Liquids
Materials to Improve Drug Bioavailability
Biomimetic 4-D Printing
Lewis and Mahadevan
Holiday Science Lecture for Families
A Grain of Salt: Isn't it Ionic
College and Career Awareness for Middle School Students
Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
New England Complex Fluids Workshop
Knowledge Transfer and Community Building
Solchroma Technologies
Startup Company Formation
Shared Experimental Facilities
Aerotech Multi-Material 3-D Printer


Amorphous Salt
The Microfluidic Nebulator
Soft Fiber Sensor Fabrication
Multicore-shell printing of textile-mounted, capacitive strain sensors
Hopping Towards a Better Soft Robot
A 3-D-printed, functionally graded soft robot powered by combustion
Sensors for Cellular Bioenergetics
Integrating nanocalorimetry with microfluidics
New Nanofiber Production Platform
Nanofibers fabrication from an immersion rotary jet-spinning system
3-D Printing and Soft Robotics Workshop
Artemis Project Girls Summer Camp
Developing a Culture of Innovation
MRSEC-inspired course on innovation and entrepreneurship
Shared Experimental Facilities
EnvisonTec Aureus 3-D printer
Shared Experimental Facilities
Andor/Yokogawa spinning-disk confocal microscope
Ultra-Stable Metallic Glasses
New in-situ method to study the thermal and mechanical behavior of metallic glasses
Paper-Based Electronics and MEMS
Controlled ink wetting and reactivity on paper yields defect-free devices
New Unimorph-Based Devices
Using aligned fibers to design deflection directions of dielectric elastomers
Measuring Concentration Dynamics in Porous Media
Development of new tools to observe ionic concentration in porous media
Shared Experimental Facilities
TA OSP-ARES-G2 Rheometer
Start-Up Company Formation
GnuBIO acquired by BioRad


Electrically Collapsible Hydrogels with Enhanced
Mechanical Toughness
Magnetic Gels
Biphasic Design Enhances the Mechanical Properties
of Magnetically Responsive Hydrogel
Pull Spinning
Novel Technique for Production of Nanofibers
Sensor Skin
A Platform for Highly Stretchable,
Biocompatible, Transparent Sensors
Inducing Chirality
Buckling-induced Reversible Symmetry Breaking
and Amplification of Chirality
Odd Performance Under Pressure
Soft Auxetic Materials with Negative Poisson's Ratio
Printing Tissue
3D Bioprinting of Vascularized,
Heterogeneous Cell-Laden Tissue Constructs
Impacting Drops
Drops Skating and Bouncing Off Surfaces
Mentoring Veterans
Building a Long-Term Support Network
Shared Experimental Facilities
New TA Discovery Rheometers


Complexity from Simplicity
Very Fine Art: Stunningly Beautiful Microscale Sculptures
Aizenberg, Mahadevan
Hydroglyphics: Visualizing Patterns from Wetting Contrast
Writing Secret Messages with Water
Science, Engineering, and Technology in the City
A Career Exploration Day for High School Girls
Photonic Droplets:
Non-toxic Displays, Cosmetics, and Paints
Manoharan, Weitz
Liquid Embedded Elastomers
New Bendable and Stretchable Electronics
Metaphase Spindle as an Active Liquid Crystal
Experimental Test of Theory




Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopes
New Tools in the Shared Experimental Facilities
Catalysis for CO2 Reduction
Aspuru-Guzik, Betley, Friend
Entropy Favors Asymmetry in Colloidal Self-Assembly
Guangnan Meng, Natalie Arkus, Michael P. Brenner, and Vinothan N. Manoharan
Ferro-Sponges for Drug and Cell Delivery
Xuanhe Zhao, Jaeyun Kim, and David Mooney
Pneumatic Belt
Xin Chen, Coskun Kocabas, and George M. Whitesides
Sequential Adsorption Model of Microfiber Clustering
Jayson Paulose, David R. Nelson, and Joanna Aizenberg
Spindle Nanosurgery by Femtosecond Laser
Valeria Nuzzo, Eric Mazur, Jan Brugues, and Dan Needleman


Soft Electrostatic Patches
Robert J. Wood and Michael Petralia
New Paradigm for Shared Experimental Facilities
TA Instruments Center for Thermal and Mechanical Analysis
New Ordered Hierarchical Helical Assemblies
Boaz Pokroy, Sung H. Kang, L. Mahadevan, and Joanna Aizenberg
Combinatorial Nano-Calorimetry on Ti-Ni-Zr
Joost J. Vlassak and Patrick J. McCluskey
Osmotically-Driven Flows in Microchannels Separated by a Semi-Permeable Membrane
N. Michele Holbrook and Jinkee Lee (Harvard); Kaare Hartvig Jensen, Thomas Bohr, and Henrik Bruus (Technical University of Denmark)
Engineering the Optical Properties of Colloidal Suspensions
Adeline Perro, Guangnan Meng, and Vinothan N. Manoharan
Cooking and Science: A Conversation on Creativity
Ferran Adrià (El Bulli, Barcelona, Spain)
Tracking Cells in Three Dimensions
Prakriti Tayalia, David Mooney, and Eric Mazur
Muira-Foldable Thin Films
Jin-Oh You, Radhika Nagpal, and Debra Auguste



Gender Equity Workshop
Cynthia M. Friend
A Biophysical and Biomechanical Analysis of Worm Motile Behavior
Aravintham Samuel and Lakshminarayan Mahadevan
Optimal Vein Density in Artificial and Real Leaves
M. Zwienicki, N.M. Holbrook, L. Mahadevan, and D.A. Weitz
How Bumps on Whale Flippers Delay Stall
Ernst van Nierop, Silas Alben, and Michael P. Brenner
Optical Tweezers
Mara Prentiss
Probing Neuronal Origin of Behavior in C. Elegans
Samuel Chung, Aravinthan Samuel, Eric Mazur, and Jonathan Kamler